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Caribbean PARADISE: Enjoy the life of Sun Sand and sea Welcome to Radio One AM 1000. Your source for Education, Empowerment and Enrichment. Capital City of Virgin Islands Coral reef Exploring nature with domestic population

St. Thomas: 32 square miles

St. Thomas is the gateway isle of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It’s known for its beaches and snorkeling spots. Territorial capital Charlotte Amalie, founded by the Danish in the 1600s, is a busy cruise-ship port. Historic buildings include a 1679 watchtower called Blackbeard’s Castle, in reference to the area’s pirate history. On the harbor, 17th-century Fort Christian is now a local-history museum.

St. John: 19.6 square miles

St. John is the smallest of the 3 U.S. Virgin Islands, which are located in the Caribbean Sea. Virgin Islands National Park occupies more than half the island. Its forests shelter resident and migratory birds, including cuckoos, warblers and hummingbirds. The mangroves at Hurricane Hole, in the east, support corals and anemones. Dolphins inhabit the island’s waters, which also host hawksbill and green turtles.

St. Croix: 84 square miles

St. Croix is one of the U.S. Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. Bright yellow Fort Christiansvaern is among Christiansted National Historic Site’s Danish colonial buildings. West, St. George Village Botanical Gardens occupies an old sugar plantation. Point Udall’s Millennium Monument marks the easternmost point of U.S. territory. North, Salt River Bay National Park has archaeological sites, mangroves and coral reefs.

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  • Radio One AM 1000 has been apart of this community for almost 60 Years.

    The station began operations in October 6, 1962 as WBNB (the callsign stood for Bob and Bob, as in Bob Noble and Bob Moss, the station’s co-founders) co-owned with the now-defunct WBNB-TV, the Virgin Islands’ first television station.


    In 1970 the call letters for Radio One was changed to  WVWI.

    After founding owners Island Teleradio Service, Inc. sold the TV outlet in 1970, WBNB’s call letters were changed to the present WVWI (The Welcomed Voice of the West Indies) in order to comply with an FCC rule in place then that required TV and radio stations in the same market, but with different ownership to use different call signs.[5][6] The station’s co-founder, Robert Noble, acquired sole control of WVWI that same year, renaming his new company Thousand Islands Corporation.

  • After Hurricane Marilyn the Station was sold in 1996.

    After its facilities were destroyed by Hurricane Marilyn in September 1995, Noble sold the station in 1996 to Randolph Knight, who proceeded to rebuild the station;.[7] its former TV cousin, WBNB-TV was forced off the air when Hurricane Hugo destroyed its transmitter six years earlier in 1989, and unlike WVWI, WBNB-TV’s owners, Benedek Broadcasting, did not have the financial means to rebuild the station, and stayed dark as a result.

  • 10 years later one of the new owners sold out to the Other

    Local businessman Gordon Ackley purchased WVWI and its FM sister station, WWKS from Knight in 2006. The two men were partners in another radio station, WVJZ and Ackley also bought out Knight’s 50 percent interest in that outlet. On July 1, 2017, the station changed its callsign to WWKS but on July 6, the station reverted to its prior callsign WVWI.

  • Another 16 years and the station was now sold and under New Management

    Effective January 1, 2021, Ackley sold WVWI to Infinity Broadcasting, LLC.

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    Launched in 1962, Radio One AM 1000 has been apart of this community for almost 60 Years.

    A Greco-Roman text between the 1st and 3rd centuries, the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, mentioned the island of Menuthias (Ancient Greek: Μενουθιάς), which is probably Unguja.[11] Zanzibar, like the nearby coast, was settled by Bantu-speakers at the outset of the first millennium. Archaeological finds at Fukuchani.

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